Engineering Graphics (2110013) GTU Paper Objective Key Winter 2013

Engineering Graphics (2110013) Question 1 Objective Key with true/false for Winter 2013 exam taken by Gujarat Technological University.

Q.1 (a) Choose appropriate answer from the given options for the following:

1. In the first angle projection method, the view seen from left is placed on

(a) Above Front View (b) Right of Front View (c) Above Top View (d) Below Front View

2. While drawing the isometric view of the sphere, its diameter is taken as

(a) Equal to actual diameter (b) 11/9 times of the actual diameter (c) 21/9 times of the actual diameter (d) none of the above

3. A French curve is used to draw

(a) Circles (b) Ellipses (c) Smooth freeform curves (d) Polygon

4. Which one of the following is not a reduction scale?

(a) 1:1 (b) 1:200 (c) 5/320 (d) 5:6

5. If the generating point is on the generating circle and the generating circle is outside the directing circle, the curve obtained is:

(a) Inferior hypotrochoid (b) epicycloids (c) hypocycloid (d) superior trochoid

6. To obtain the true shape of the section of solid, an auxiliary plane is set

(a) Inclined at an angle of 45o to a cutting plane (b) parallel to XY (c) Parallel to a cutting plane (d) perpendicular to a cutting plane

7. If a line is inclined to the Vertical Plane and parallel to Horizontal Plane, then which of the following statements is always CORRECT?

(a) True Length = Plan Length (b) True Length ≠ Plan Length (c) True Length > Elevation Length (d) True Length = Elevation Length

Q.1 (b) State true or false for the following sentences:

1. Dashed lines are used to show outlines of the adjacent part. Ans. False

2. Measurement of the distances is simpler in a diagonal scale than a vernier scale. Ans. True

3. If front view of a line is parallel to XY, its Top View gives True Length. Ans. True

4. The eccentricity of parabola is less than the eccentricity of a hyperbola. Ans. True

5. A horizontal section plane will create a sectional Front View. Ans. False

6. If a point is in the Vertical Plane, its Front View is seen on XY. Ans. False

7. A tetrahedron has four equal square faces. Ans. False

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