Plain Scale 1 cm = 1m to Read Decimeters

Draw a Plain Scale 1 cm = 1 m to Read Decimeters, to measure maximum distance of 6 m.

Construction Steps:-

1) Calculate R.F. = Dimension in Drawing / Actual Dimension

R.F. = 1 cm/ 1 m = 1/100

Length of scale       = R.F. X max. distance

= 1/100 X 600 cm

= 6 cms

2) Draw a line 6 cm long and divide it in 6 equal parts. Each part will represent larger division unit.

3) Subdivide the first part which will represent second unit or fraction of first unit.

Scales Problems
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4) Place (0) at the end of first unit. Number the units on right side of Zero and subdivisions on left-hand side of Zero. Take height of scale 5 to 10 mm for getting a look of scale.

5) After construction of scale mention its RF and name of scale as shown.

6) Show the distance 4 m 6 dm on it as shown.

Plain Scale Represents Two Units or a unit and it’s Sub-division.

Author: Vasim Machhar

An Engineering Drawing Geek. Working at Noble Group of Institutions, Junagadh as Head of Mechanical Engineering Department.